📝 New Blog Post: "SeaFlower 藏海花 (a backdoor targeting iOS web3 wallets)"
Posted: 06/13/2022
It's not everyday that we get to talk about backdoors targeting iOS users.

In this guest blog post, security researcher Taha Karim, details a sophisticated threat targeting iOS web3 users.

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📡 Tool Update: Netiquette v.2.0
Posted: 05/24/2022
In today's connected world, it is rare to find an application or piece of malware that doesn't talk to a remote server.

Netiquette is a network monitor that allows one to explore all network sockets and connections, either via an interactive UI, or from the commandline.

Just released, version 2.0 brings a host of new features such as (domain) name resolution, traffic statistics, sortable columns, and more!

Download: Netiquette v2.0
📝 New Blog Post: "From The DPRK With Love"
Posted: 05/09/2022
A report from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency detailed "[A] North Korean State-Sponsored APT Target[ing] Blockchain Companies."

In this blog post, we build upon CISA's report, diving deeper into one of the malicious macOS samples.

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🥳 New Website
Posted: 04/20/2022
Now live: Objective-See.org!
As Objective-See is now a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, it's been moved over (from a .com) to a .org domain.

We've also refreshed, updated, and expanded the site. So have a look around!

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📚 "The Art of Mac Malware"
Posted: 04/20/2022
My first book, "The Art of Mac Malware: The Guide to Analyzing Malicious Software" is now available to pre-order (with all royalties donated back to Objective-See).

Starting with introductory topics such as infection vectors, persistence mechanisms, and payloads, this content-packed volume also covers in detail, the tools & techniques needed to comprehensively analyze malware targeting Apple's desktop OS.

So, if you're interested in Mac malware, this book is for you!

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🙋🏻‍♂️ #OBTS v5 announced!
Posted: 04/20/2022
Version 5.0 of our Mac security conferene "Objective by the Sea" (#OBTS) has been announced. And we would be stoked if you joined us!

#OBTS is the world's only macOS security conference, which brings together the worlds top macOS security researchers and passionate mac users in stunning sea-side locations. This year's conference will be held in Europe (near Barcelona) during the first week of October.

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📰 Objective-See in the New York Times
Posted: 04/20/2022
Securing one's Mac is a must! To help, the New York Times just published "A Practical Guide to Securing Your Mac."

In this guide, they recommend various Objective-See's (free, open-source) tools. How neat is that?

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